Episode 238 - The Dangers of CBDC with Guest Joe Vezzani

California Underground Podcast: Discussing California Politics Through a Lens of Sanity

06-12-2023 • 54 mins

Are you a Californian who feels like your views on politics in California are not popular? Do you feel like no one will agree with you? Feels like when you meet someone who does agree you are part of a secret underground club of people who think like you? Then join us on the California Underground Podcast to hear others who share your views and solutions to save our beautiful state.

On this episode, we are joined by Joe Vezzani the CEO and Co-Founder of LunarCrush to discuss the dangers of Central Bank Digital Currency as well as how Bitcoin can help combat the impact of CBDC.


00:00Introduction and Background

03:03Understanding Bitcoin

07:48Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)

14:53Concerns about CBDC

21:16Potential Impact of CBDC

26:49Controversial Aspects of CBDC

34:43Bitcoin as a Response to CBDC

42:40Confusion between Bitcoin and CBDCs

43:22Concerns about government control

43:49Finite supply of Bitcoin

44:43Long-term perspective on Bitcoin

45:12Bitcoin's thoughtful design

46:29Politicians and CBDCs

47:39Security risks of CBDCs

49:35Alternatives for those who don't want to participate in CBDCs

51:40Final thoughts on CBDCs

This episode was recorded on 12.5.23

*The California Underground Podcast is dedicated to discussing California politics from a place of sanity and rationality.*

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