Ep. 251 - Fast Food Reacts to Minimum Wage Hike

California Underground Podcast: Discussing California Politics Through a Lens of Sanity

05-04-2024 • 1 hr 11 mins


On this episode we discuss how the fast food industry is reacting to the new $20 minimum wage, the confusion around who qualifies, and how this will negatively impact workers rather than help.

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00:00 Introduction and Discussion of Minimum Wage

03:07 Anecdotal Story Time and Fast Food Industry Reaction

11:14 Exemptions and the PaneraGate Scandal

20:38 The Annual Increase in Minimum Wages

33:01 Introduction to the $20 Minimum Wage for Fast Food Workers

39:09 Challenges Faced by Businesses and Potential Job Losses

53:54 The Impact on Cafeteria Workers in Public Schools

57:36 The Barrier of Minimum Wage and Entry-Level Job Opportunities

01:05:11 Concerns about Automation and Job Outsourcing

01:08:08 Considering the Economic Impact and Drawbacks of Minimum Wage Policies

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