Cohousing Benefits: Connection, Savings & Sustainability (w/ Trish Becker)

The Eco-Minded Mama Podcast

05-09-2023 • 53 mins

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Join us in the fascinating world of cohousing with the final guest speaker in this Season 4, featuring Trish Becker, Executive Director of the Cohousing Association of the United States.

Cohousing is all about shared time, shared space, and shared commitment. Tune in as Trish guides us through the spirit of mutual support and genuine bonds that define cohousing. This isn't a cult or commune, but an intentional community where individuals own their homes and make decisions together. Trish also brings valuable insights that can be applied to traditional neighborhoods, emphasizing the joy of knowing your neighbors and fostering connections that truly make a difference.

Join us to explore the rewarding journey of connection, cost-savings, and sustainability that cohousing offers – a testament to the power of living in harmony with neighbors and the environment!

About Trish:
"Trish is a founding member of Aria Cohousing and Chase Street Commons, a micro-village built upon the principles of cohousing. She is a Tedx speaker and a passionate advocate for housing solutions that address our collective crises of loneliness, environmental degradation and housing inaccessibility. Above all, she believes that humans need one another for meaning and survival, and that collective housing is poised to be among the signature movements of our time."

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