Nurturing Through Nutrition: Sustainable Family Meals (with "Hey Ashley Renne!")

The Eco-Minded Mama Podcast

22-08-2023 • 1 hr 8 mins

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Ready to spice up your family meals and routines?? Join us in this new episode as we welcome back the wonderful Ashley from Hey Ashley Renne. She's not just a sustainability advocate and social media guru AND the author of a new cookbook – she's a real mom who knows the ins and outs of creating delicious and sustainable family eats in the midst of a busy schedule!

In this down-to-earth conversation, we're unpacking the art of meal planning that actually works. Ashley shares how she juggles her busy schedule as a working mom while ensuring her family gets tasty and nutritious meals.

Ashley also gets it – every family is different. While she dives into her own journey of raising a vegan child and how her family makes it work, she recognizes these routines may not work for everyone and she shares several tips & tricks to support.

Get an inside look at Ashley's weekend routine, where she crafts mouthwatering menus and makes sure her little one enjoys a variety of flavors. From batch cooking basics to versatile ingredients, she's sharing her secret recipe for making mealtime both exciting and sustainable!

About Ashley:
"Hey y’all hey! I’m Ashley Renne and welcome to my little corner of the Interwebs! I’m a Black American and South Asian environmental & animal advocate, author, and vegan mom who pivoted from my travel influencer career in 2019 to reduce my carbon footprint and educate my community about sustainable, vegan living. As an advocate for people of color, the planet and animals, I share daily vegan lifestyle inspiration for families, plant-based menu ideas for kids, and sustainability tips... you can keep up with my work on social media and pre-order my new book: The Vegan Baby Cookbook & Guide!"

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