How to Become an Empowered & Confident Vegan (w/ Colleen Patrick-Goudreau)

The Eco-Minded Mama Podcast

29-10-2022 • 1 hr 9 mins

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Have you learned so much about the meat and dairy industries and/or the benefits of a plant-based diet but the one thing holding you back from embracing the "vegan" title is the fear of change? The anxiety of challenging the status quo? Do you have worries like-- what about the holidays? And what do I tell my family? And why are they reacting like this? And why are people so defensive? And why don't they understand? And how do I deal with travel?'re not alone!

Colleen Patrick-Goudreau is a recognized expert and thought leader on the culinary, social, ethical, and practical aspects of living vegan; she is an award-winning author of 7 books, and an acclaimed speaker with over 16 years of podcasting. Colleen joins Katie Kurpanek, Eco-Living Coach and Podcast Host, to break down the social barriers and fears that often keep us from living in full alignment with the compassion we have at our core. These social aspects are usually the determining factors as to whether or not someone becomes vegan / stays vegan, so it feels right to be wrapping up our series on veganism with this interview.

If you want to learn how to find your voice and become empowered enough to use it with confidence, even beyond the "vegan" conversation -- this episode is for you!

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