How We Saved $6,500 in 1 Year with a Baby: 3 Steps

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01-04-2024 • 11 mins

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The average family spends over $9,000 in their baby’s first year, and that does not include childcare! When my husband and I became first-time parents in 2020, we saved over $6,500 in our baby’s first year and have continued to save thousands more since with sustainable swaps!

For many of you listening, growing your family may be one of the most thrilling, wonderful times of your life – and it also will be one of the most expensive. There’s no getting around it, baby’s aren’t cheap, and when you live in a country like the U.S. without much support… well… it can cause a lot of anxiety.

Hi, I’m Katie – a mama, coach & podcaster who has saved thousands of dollars through everyday routines that are supporting both the earth and my family, and I want to help you do the same! Let’s get into it…

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Potty-Train Your Baby/Toddler with EC!
Get your baby out of diapers in HALF the time using "Go Diaper Free" Elimination Communication!

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