From Eco-Stress to Eco-Success: The 5 Pillars of Sustainable Living

The Eco-Minded Mama Podcast

01-04-2024 • 7 mins

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Do you ever find yourself wondering how you, as one individual person, could actually make a dent in the earth’s carbon footprint – especially when you’re up against giant wasteful corporations and carbon emissions that you have no control over?
Do you find yourself worried about the kind of future our kids will inherit but feel totally powerless to change it?
Hi, I’m Katie – a mama, coach & podcaster who has walked both paths of eco-stress and success, and I’ve found 5 ways to have the biggest impact on our environment, while also saving thousands of dollars through everyday routines that are supporting both the earth and my family, and I want to help you do the same! Let’s get into it…

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