Navigating Pregnancy Loss: Grief & Support (Finley's Story)

The Eco-Minded Mama Podcast

01-10-2023 • 1 hr 2 mins

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Hello, dear listeners. I'm Katie Kurpanek, the host of the All Things Sustainable podcast. Today, I'm sharing an episode that is deeply personal and raw, one that comes from a place of vulnerability and love.

October is Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month in the US, and it feels like the right time to have this conversation. In this episode, I'm stepping away from our usual format to share my own journey through pregnancy loss, particularly in the wake of my recent loss with baby Finley.

This is not an easy episode to create, but my hope is that by sharing my thoughts and experiences, I can provide solace, understanding, and support to those who have faced or are facing pregnancy loss. You are not alone in this, and I want to help bridge the gap between the silence that often surrounds this topic and the need for open, honest conversations.

I'll do my best to share the reality of this process without going into graphic detail, and I offer a trigger warning for a specific part of the episode. Many people, like myself before my first loss, have little to no idea of what a miscarriage truly entails. It's a topic that affects so many (statistically 1 in 4 pregnancies), yet it remains kept in silence.

For those who have not experienced a miscarriage but are willing to learn and understand so they can better support their loved ones, I'm here to help. My platform allows me to reach thousands of listeners, and I believe it's essential to use this reach to break the taboo-silence.

Pregnancy loss, no matter when it occurs, encompasses not just the loss of a fetus but also the loss of dreams and hopes, and it takes a lasting physical and emotional toll on one's body. No part of this experience is small or insignificant. It's a journey that leaves lasting imprints biologically and psychologically.

Thank you for joining me in this conversation, and I hope that by sharing Finley's story and my own, we can shed light on this often-neglected aspect of what it's like to be human, and foster greater understanding and empathy for one another.

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