Meditate like no one is watching...much like dancing!

Gettin' Busy Living with Colleen Stone

19-01-2023 • 1 hr 5 mins

Join Getting' Busy Living as our guest, Rev. Tomás Garza, a lifelong spiritual student and teacher of A Course in Miracles, explores how to begin your relationship with meditation. You can get more of him at:

YouTube: Patreon: Facebook: Tomás Garza Instagram: @tomasgarzateacher Website: https://tomasgarza.comA Course in Miracles,

For more information on meditation, consider the following resources:

· "How Meditation Works & Science-Based Effective Meditations" by Huberman Lab: This podcast discusses the biological mechanisms that occur during different types of meditation and describes how to develop the meditation practice optimal for you.

· "The Meditation Podcast" by Jesse and Jeane Stern: This podcast offers guided meditations for various purposes such as relaxation, stress relief, and focus.

· "Meditation Oasis" by Mary and Richard Maddux: This podcast offers guided meditations for relaxation and stress relief, unguided meditations, and mindfulness exercises.

· "Tara Brach Meditation Podcast" by Tara Brach: This podcast features guided meditations, dharma talks, and teachings on mindfulness and compassion.

· "The Daily Meditation Podcast" by Mary Meckley: This podcast offers a new guided meditation daily, with various themes such as gratitude, self-compassion, and mindfulness.

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