06 Authenticity

Soulful MBA Podcast

10-03-2017 • 27 mins

“After you find your voice, you realize there’s really only one person to imitate, and that’s yourself. You do it by combining different influences. I think the first part of it is you do slavish imitations, which are almost like travesties, you know. But gradually you come under the right influences, picking and choosing, and being selective, and then maybe your voice is the combination of 6 or 8 other voices that you have managed to blend in such a way that no one can recognize the sources.” -- Billy Collins

Afraid to start building a new business in such a crowded industry? Learn about why it’s actually a good thing to work in a market that’s crowded. At the same time, you’re going to need to find your own unique way of doing things if you’re ever going to stand out from the pack. Pay attention to your natural interests, even if they are seemingly unrelated to your business. The synthesis of two seemingly unrelated topics is where the magic happens.

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