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The One Without Sin
The One Without Sin
As he continues the series on the gospel of John, Aaron Hill discusses a familiar passage, John 8:1-11. Though it is familiar, it is a text that is not found in most ancient manuscripts and so is excluded from many translations. While some may or may not believe it is a reliable part of the gospel of John, the text does teach important principals. The Pharisees bring a woman to Jesus. They report that she has been caught in the act of adultery. They say that the law says that she should be stoned, and they want to know what Jesus has to say about it. Their intentions are to trap Jesus so they can declare that He does not keep the Law. Jesus doesn’t fall for their trick, however. He responds that whoever is in the group who has not sinned should throw the first stone. They gradually drift away, leaving the woman alone with Jesus, who tells her to go and stop sinning since no one has condemned her. He shows grace to her. He knows that the Law highlights the need for grace, but the Pharisees don’t get the purpose of the Law. They don’t understand that they have been talking to the Lawgiver! Neither we nor they can justify ourselves or save ourselves. Jesus Himself was the only One in the group that day who had a right to throw stones, yet He offered the woman grace. Whether this short passage should or should not be included in the New Testament, it teaches an important principle: we deserve condemnation, but Jesus has offered us grace if we will accept it.