Managing emotional distress in people of South Asian origin with long-term conditions

BJGP Interviews

15-02-2022 • 15 mins

In this episode we talk to Dr Hassan Awan who is a GP and Wellcome Doctoral Fellow at the School of Medicine, Keele University. Paper: Emotional distress, anxiety and depression in South Asians with long-term conditions: a qualitative systematic review https://doi.org/10.3399/BJGP.2021.0345 (https://doi.org/10.3399/BJGP.2021.0345) Mental health is reported to be poorer among people with long-term conditions (LTCs) and people of South Asian origin, but little is known about their experiences. This research adds that people of South Asian origin with long-term conditions describe emotional distress using non-medical terminology, even when describing suicidality. This may be related to their cultural understanding of the world. We highlight the importance of cultural competence to prevent clinicians from being viewed as not understanding the patient, and irrelevant as a means of support.