Does continuity of care matter? A view from the BJGP and Sir Denis Pereira Gray from the RCGP conference

BJGP Interviews

24-10-2023 • 15 mins

In this episode, we’re doing something a bit different. Last week, the BJGP team attended the annual Royal College of GPs conference up in Glasgow, and presented a workshop looking at continuity of care. In this podcast, we’re going to pull together some of what we spoke about at that workshop, which highlighted some of the exceptional research that has been published in the BJGP on continuity, and also present a piece by Sir Denis Pereria Gray who also contributed to the workshop and spoke about how to put continuity into practice.

Links to the research papers mentioned in this podcast:

Relational continuity and patients’ perception of GP trust and respect: a qualitative study

Modernising continuity: a new conceptual framework

Is continuity of primary care declining in England? Practice-level longitudinal study from 2012 to 2017

Continuity of GP care for patients with dementia: impact on prescribing and the health of patients

Team-based continuity of care for patients with hypertension: a retrospective primary care cohort study in Hong Kong

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