Light Talk Podcast

Martin Klaasen

Martin Klaasen is an award winning lighting designer with more than 40 years of experience in the lighting industry. Back in 2009 Martin blogged about his experiences on a daily basis for a full year. This compilation of blogs became his first book titled Light Talk, A Year in the Life of Light. His second book, Light Talk 2, offers an incredible insight on how the lighting industry has evolved; a compilation of 16 years of writing for Lighting Today Magazine. In 2020 Martin made the transition from his written blog to recording his blog on video, which is now the Light Talk Vlog, where Martin shares his experiences throughout the year in the life of a professional lighting designer; the challenges, opportunities, the business and future of the lighting design industry. Welcome to the Light Talk Podcast, an extension of Martin's vlogs now capturing a wider listening audience. We hope you all thoroughly enjoy the journey. This first episode commencing August 2020 to kick start the new financial year. read less