TLC Todd-versations Welcomes Lunchtime Heroes

TLC Todd-versations

04-11-2022 • 9 mins

We are shining light on school nutrition and the lunchtime heroes that make it happen!

TLC Toddversations, in collaboration with the Chef Ann Foundation, bring you stories from across our great country on positive changes to the school nutrition landscape Todd-versations Lunchtime Heroes.

Who are Todd-versations’ Lunchtime Heroes? They are the often-invisible school food service teams across our country that work to make district budgets stretch, meals appealing, and fill the gap many families face when it comes to feeding their children.

Do you know that poor diet and food insecurity are stressors for many children?” asks Todd Linsky, principal at TLC, and host of TLC-Todd-versations. “Poor nutrition contributes to behavioral problems, impaired school performance, and multiple health issues. Enter Ann Cooper, founder of the Chef Ann Foundation.”

Chef Ann knows from experience that higher-quality diets and scratch-cooked school meals promote learning. Well-nourished children have better school attendance rates, exhibit fewer behavioral problems, and are more engaged in the classroom. Healthy eating prepares children for long-term success by contributing to brain development, increased energy, and focus.

Starting November 8, 2022, in addition to our regular programming, TLC Todd-versations is releasing monthly Todd-versations’ Lunchtime Heroes.