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Unscripted: Episode 65 - A Happy International Podcast Day! From everyone here
Unscripted: Episode 65 - A Happy International Podcast Day! From everyone here
All right, are you ready for a different kind of show? In honor of International Podcast Day, we got all our tribe members to show up and put on a show. The best part was that the tribe members had no idea that we had planned this. It truly opened some of our eyes as to what Unplanned, Unknown and Unscripted really means! In addition to our usual gig, we also had a little chat with all of our tribe members, sharing with each other how the art of Improv has touched our lives in a very challenging time. We'll be releasing that as a special episode soon, so stay tuned. Our latest round of cocktails throws up several surprises - it seems as though some forget that electric and water bills need to be paid after a few rounds have gone down. It really was a fun experience, listening to our latest members, Benjamin, Kalpak, Anita and Sudha mix it up with our usual veterans. We also have a fun press conference where the person giving it has no idea who he is, only that he's answering very specific questions about an event he's unaware of. Watch the tribe try (and succeed) in confounding Hari (that's me). He would make a great politician, even if he does say so himself! All this and more on our show that's unknown, unplanned and Unscripted. Go on, leave us a review: https://www.podchaser.com/podcasts/unscripted-with-dit-1264555/reviews    Music: Rockapalooza by Shane Ivers - https://www.silvermansound.com