Black In White Church

C.V. Meo and R. Broushet

”Black In White Church” is a podcast about exactly that: the black experience in white church. The hosts will walk us through topics, experiences, and relationships within the white church. Many of their conversations will center around R’s personal experiences of being a black pastor in a white church. The hope is to help our white churches understand the impact they have on black Christian members. From there, white churches can hopefully become spaces of welcome, belonging, and ultimately, family for black Christians. read less
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S1E15 - ”What Can We Do About It? How Can We Help?”
S1E15 - ”What Can We Do About It? How Can We Help?”
On today's episode, Ryan and C.V. go over practical steps we all can take to fight racism in our lives, our churches, and our society. They go over the “ARC” model developed by Jemar Tisby. All of us are unfinished products, but it is our responsibility as Christians to strive towards holiness by fighting racism.   As always, you can follow us on Instagram here: . Also, feel free to reach out to us at We would love to hear from you!   Organizations Mentioned: Crete Collective - Supporting Churches in Predominately Impoverished Minority Areas ( Equal Justice Initiative - From Bryan Stevenson from “Just Mercy,” fights racist judicial sentencing ( Grassroots Law Project - Helps Change Policy ( Innocence Project - Helps Death-Row Inmates ( The AND Campaign - Focuses on Truth and Grace in Race Conversations ( The Witness Black Christian Collective - For Black Christians (   Books mentioned are “The Color of Compromise” and “How to Fight Racism” by Jemar Tisby, which both show the “ARC” Model.   * All views expressed in this podcast are those of Ryan and C.V. Meo and do not reflect on the organizations, churches, and companies they are a part of *   Theme Music: “Dream Catcher” provided by Kevin MacLeod