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ALSO in PINK is the podcast all about lifestyle design. How we live, the clothes we choose & how we organise our space. Host Alexandria Lawrence is a certified KonMari consultant and personal stylist. ALSO in PINK offers candid conversations with industry leaders and influencers, clients and friends, about what it means to live well. New episodes released every Tuesday. Alexandria answers your lifestyle questions during special monthly Ask Alexandria episodes. Submit your question for Alexandria at https://alsoin.pink/askalexandria Redefine what’s possible & create your ideal life.

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How to Know When to Press Pause & Take Time for YourselfTap Your Way to Wellness with Trauma & EFT Tapping Specialist Sherry LukeyIdeal Home Visualisation: The Wardrobe of Your DreamsA Good Death Requires a Life Well Lived with Leadership Coach & Comedian Pam Dibbs
Live Each Day with Joy…Pam Dibbs has been an entrepreneur for 30 years and now runs two businesses. She is a leadership coach, facilitator, producer, speaker and comedian — sometimes all in one day! Pam’s latest undertaking is The Good Death Project, based on the premise that a good death requires a life well lived. This is an uplifting episode with lots of laughs. We talk style and even fashion disasters, as Pam recalls the day she spent (many years ago) with The People’s Princess. Yes, that’s right — Princess Diana! ✨ Pam’s LinksWebsite: https://dibbsonlife.com/ (Dibbs on Life) LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/pamdibbs/ (pamdibbs) Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pamdibbs/ (@pamdibbs) Inspirationhttps://www.imdb.com/title/tt5687612/ (Fleabag) A comedy series by Phoebe Waller-Bridge. “It’s comedic genius. She’s also somebody that deals with death in a lot of her writing. And she has that way of dealing with it where she’s having you face it, but she’s doing it through levity and comedy. I think it’s genius“. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt8398600/ (After Life) A comedy-drama series by Ricky Gervais. “A really, really great look at death in a fresh way with lots of comedy, but lots of heart“. https://www.wecroak.com/ (WeCroak App) “It will send you a reminder five times a day that you’re going to die. Quotes, funny sayings… It’s brilliant. So simple. Yet so brilliant“. To find out more: https://alsoinpink.com/45-pam-dibbs/ (Click here!) And, wherever you get your podcasts: https://ratethispodcast.com/alsoinpink (Rate & Review ALSO in PINK) Thank you for your support!
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Ideal Home Visualisation: Step Into Your Indoor JungleHow Empathy Makes You a Better Negotiator with Lawyer Nada Jarnaz
Nada Jarnaz is a partner at London law firm, Howard Kennedy, where her areas of expertise are banking, finance and real estate. Nada is also a specialist in Islamic Finance and a champion for diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and in all aspects of life. She shows how we can all lend our support to those who need it. We talk style too. Plus, what lies at the heart of any negotiation? Any guesses? Nada’s LinksWebsite: https://www.howardkennedy.com/People/Nada-Jarnaz (Nada’s profile at Howard Kennedy) Inspirationhttps://www.waterstones.com/book/the-alchemist/paulo-coelho/9780722532935 (The Alchemist) by Paulo Coelho. “I always go back to that book and feel resonance. It’s a quick read. It’s a story about reminding you to connect with yourself”. https://www.selfridges.com/ (Selfridges) “For the times they’ve been open during lockdown, they’ve just been so great. Every day they changed something up. There’s always something new in the store. It’s like a different kind of museum. It’s full of beautiful things and so much variety, so many different cultures and nationalities represented. And it’s the BEST customer service”. How To Be A Better NegotiatorHere are some of Nada’s top tips: Keep your ego in check. Check your counterpart’s ego. Really concentrate on your objectives: the long-term play & what really is going to move the needle on you achieving your business goals. The most expensive commodity is time. Empathy is the key to everything. To find out more: https://alsoinpink.com/43-nada-jarnaz/ (Click here!) And, wherever you get your podcasts: https://ratethispodcast.com/alsoinpink (Rate & Review ALSO in PINK) Thank you for your support!
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Embracing Mercury Retrograde(re-release) Plants, Curiosities & The Natural World with Ines Stuart-DavidsonThe Art of Friendship with Humanitarian Photographer Fawn Anderson
Fawn Anderson is a humanitarian-focused photographer and founder of Our Friendly World, a social movement and podcast that is for the healing of social, economic & racial injustice through the art of friendship. This episode is all about connection: from how to take engaging portraits that honour your subject to embracing friendship in its many forms. By the end, you may want to take up martial arts and even try bending spoons… with your mind! ✨ Fawn’s LinksPodcast: https://www.ourfriendlyworldpodcast.com/ (Our Friendly World) Photography: https://www.faimages.com/ (F. A. Images) Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/befriendlyworld/ (@befriendlyworld) Inspirationhttps://www.waterstones.com/book/burnout/emily-nagoski/amelia-nagoski/9781785042096 (Burnout) by Emily & Amelia Nagoski. “It talks about emotions and what burnout really is and how to get out of that burnout. And I think actually that’s the key to the fall of friendship—the fall of our relationships in our society. We’re all burnt out. There’s no capacity to be outgoing. We’re in survival mode”. How to Photograph PeopleConscious photographyThat means connecting with your subject on a soul level.  Compassionate lightingIn taking portraits or making films, show care and respect for the people you work with by taking time to properly capture the texture of their skin, whether it’s dark or light.  Friendship & ConnectionBe a friend to yourselfPrioritise yourself and take time to care for yourself. It’s like watching TVLove TV shows? So do I, and so does Fawn. And she has a trick for connecting with people that’s perfect for all you TV show fans & movie buffs... Everyone is your guestI’ve always believed that how you treat people you don’t know says a lot about your character. And Fawn has a similar philosophy... 🎧 Listen to the full episode to hear more about connection—from martial arts principles to bending spoons with your mind… To find out more: https://alsoinpink.com/41-fawn-anderson/ (Click here!) And, wherever you get your podcasts: https://ratethispodcast.com/alsoinpink (Rate & Review ALSO in PINK) Thank you for your support!
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Celebrate Your Milestones — And WOW, I Just Turned 40!Living an Aligned Life with Energy Healer Martha Nicholson
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Sounds of Spring: Lifestyle Tips, Poetry & Personal Stories(re-release) KonMari Marathon with Musician Charlotte Fairbairn(re-release) Writing Bestsellers, Life & Lipstick with Novelist Tracy ChevalierPlants, Sustainable Living & Being Multi-Passionate with Jonathan Drori CBE
Jonathan Drori is multi-passionate in the fullest sense of the word. His interests and expertise span everything from engineering to science and education, documentary filmmaking and writing books to being on the boards of Raspberry Pi and the Eden Project. He’s also an ambassador for the Woodland Trust and WWF. You’ll hear how plants gave Jon a literal taste for history (hint, hint) as we chat about his latest book Around the World in 80 Plants. Jon’s LinksWebsite: https://jondrori.co.uk/books/80plants/ (jondrori.co.uk) Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jondroriuk/ (@jondroriuk) Twitter: https://twitter.com/jondrori (@jondrori) Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jondroriauthor/ (jondroriauthor) Inspirationhttps://www.waterstones.com/book/the-year-of-the-hare/arto-paasilinna/herbert-lomas/9780720612776 (The Year of the Hare) by Arto Paasilinna. “It’s ironic and it’s optimistic and it has a kind of wonderful philosophy of life in it, but it is laugh out loud funny. It is absolutely delightful. And I can’t recommend it highly enough”. Get Environmentally ActiveAs an active environmentalist, Jon has several suggestions: Join an Environmental Organisation Move Towards a Plant-Based Diet Avoid Fossil Fuels Switch your energy supplier to a renewable one. Don’t keep buying things that you don’t need. Fly less post-pandemic. To find out more: https://alsoinpink.com/35-jonathan-drori/ (Click here!) And, wherever you get your podcasts: https://ratethispodcast.com/alsoinpink (Rate & Review ALSO in PINK) Thank you for your support!
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How to Spring Clean “Marie Kondo Style”
Today’s deep-dive episode focuses on the change of season. It’s time for a spring clean, KonMari style! 🌱 And, no, a spring clean shouldn’t take you a month to complete. You can do it in a day. Spring Clean Your Home in 5 Steps 1. Greet your homeIf greeting your home feels a bit too new agey for you, let’s look at it a different way… How do you want to feel when you’re at home? What do you want your home to be? 🎧 I’ll guide you on a home greeting practice. Listen to the full episode and follow along. 2. Set the mood for your spring cleanHow about some fresh air? Open as many windows and doors as you can. Get that stale air out and refresh your space. How about a playlist? Music, podcasts… Well, you’re here, so I’m guessing you’re into podcasts. Your spring clean is the perfect chance to catch up on all your favourite podcasts, or perhaps discover some new shows. If music is your thing, you could even make a mixtape, 21st century style.  Yes, create a spring clean playlist for your home. 3. Clean by locationFirst of all, let’s get something straight. Cleaning and tidying are completely different things. And Marie Kondo puts it beautifully: “Tidying is the act of confronting yourself—cleaning is the act of confronting dirt”. 🎧 For more on cleaning vs tidying, listen to the full episode. Full show notes for this episode: https://alsoinpink.com/34-spring-clean/ (visit our official site) And, wherever you get your podcasts: https://ratethispodcast.com/alsoinpink (Rate & Review ALSO in PINK) Thank you for your support!
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Take Action & Invest in YourselfMy Bold Step… I’ve Just Entered the British Podcast Awards!Connect with Your Heroes & Be Fearless with Success/Business Coach Dijana Llugolli
Success & business coach Dijana Llugolli helps female entrepreneurs unlock their potential so they can focus on giving their best and outsourcing the rest. To be more without doing more. And when she’s not coaching and teaching, Dijana interviews fearless people around the world. This episode has a lot of laughs, and you’ll hear Dijana’s story of something that recently pushed her out of her comfort zone. (Hint, hint… it involves connecting with one of her heroes.) Dijana’s LinksInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/dijanallugolli/ (@dijanallugolli) Website: https://www.dijanallugolli.com/ (dijanallugolli.com) Book: https://www.dijanallugolli.com/tricolorbutterfly (The Tricolor Butterfly) Inspirationhttps://www.waterstones.com/book/the-compound-effect/darren-hardy/9781593157241 (The Compound Effect) by Darren Hardy. “It’s those small, small, small steps that make a huge difference. It’s really enjoying the little things…” Your Heroes are HumanSo, why not reach for the stars? As Dijana says… “It’s not about you. It’s about the people you serve, right? Why should I even have this mindset that presidents, top elite performers are not available? Of course they are. If I just don’t think about myself but focus on how can I actually bring all these amazing minds together. They can work in a team. They can be the change for everyone. That’s the ripple effect, right? That’s pretty amazing”. Listen to the full episode for more tips! Full show notes for this episode: https://alsoinpink.com/31-dijana-llugolli/ (visit our official site) And, wherever you get your podcasts: https://ratethispodcast.com/alsoinpink (Rate & Review ALSO in PINK) Thank you for your support!
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Are You Ready for Publicity?