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95 Reasons to Celebrate Halloween
95 Reasons to Celebrate Halloween
Halloween has been controversial for decades and it's roots entirely in paganism. So the question is, "Should we be celebrating Halloween?" Many in the church today say you shouldn't celebrate Christmas, because of the verses in the Old Testament about sacrificing to idols "under every green tree". This has nothing to do with ghosts and goblins and ghouls. Halloween has its roots back in the 3rd century A.D., in Ireland the New Year started on November 1 and the spiritualists believed that October 31 was the night when all of the spirits would roam around. The Roman Catholic Church picked it up and changed November 1 to All Saints' Day. The pagans would build bonfires to keep the spirits away. But, while Satan has the dark side of Halloween to propagate darkness and paganism, there is another side to Halloween that we need to look at. Fast forward from the 3rd century A.D. to 16th century A.D. Martin Luther was a Catholic monk and a preacher of the gospel, ordained in a very backslidden church. By this time the church was a thousand years in an era when many men had tried to bring revival back to the church. The Waldensians - Printed the Bible in the language of the general publicFrancis AssisiJohn HusGirolamo Savonarola All of whom, besides Francis Assisi, were martyred for preaching the gospel. In Martin Luther's search for God began studying the book of Romans and discovered that salvation is by grace alone. By this time the Church was selling people's salvation by way of indulgences. They could drink, be immoral, be evil and wicked, and participate in every kind of darkness, but if they came and paid the church their sins would be forgiven. This is the scene into which Martin Luther made his appearance and he picked a very interesting day to launch his protest. He wrote a document with 95 reasons why the church was not preaching the true gospel. He took them and walked to the door of the church and nailed them to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany. And the date he picked to do this was October 31. The day that Satan established as his holy day, Martin Luther captured and brought back as a day of revival and reformation!