HLP E29: Psycho Part I (1960)

The Horror Lab

06-09-2023 • 51 mins

Welcome to the Horror Lab Podcast, where we dissect the best in horror movies each week!

In this episode, Will and Chris dive into arguably the most influential horror film--and films, in general--of all-time--Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho! This one sits at #22 in Will's T25 and is a T5 movie for Chris, as well! One episode isn't enough time to cover a masterpiece, so we're going to do it in two parts!

Join Will and Chris in the Horror Lab as they discuss the influence of--and controversy about--Psycho, dissect possible movie themes, explore the connection between Psycho and other horror movies, and tip their cap to the one-and-only Alfred Hitchcock!

Intro/Outro Music by Defekt Maschine

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