interview with Dom Smales, founder and former CEO of Gleam Futures

Coach Class

15-12-2021 • 20 mins

Dom Smales is an entrepreneur and social media pioneer having founded a talent management agency called Gleam Futures that spotted and developed YouTubers to become brands in their own right.

He started his career in media sales, selling ad space in magazines and on radio - learning the value of media. He also got a taste for talent management.

Following a health issue he chose to start his own business, a social media consultancy, which led him to discover two sisters (aka Pixiwoo) who were make-up artists, but also had started creating 'how to' video tutorials on YouTube.

He says he was lucky to meet them at just the right time, as he was also working with Chanel and was able to to connect the two.

He realised the entertainment platform they'd created was only going to grow, and there was an opportunity to connect other content creators to brands who wanted to collaborate, and ultimately benefit from what  they had.

Part of his manifesto when he set up on his own in 2010 was to work with people he liked. His vision for the community of YouTubers he built was to enable them to have a sustainable career, not just a hobby.

Dom had a real eye for talent. They needed to have a work ethic, the creativity and charisma. His role was to connect the dots for them, so they could use the tools they already had.

The ingredients of his success? He knows and likes people. He spotted talented people who he knew would be brilliant at their jobs - be they creators, or talent managers.

So what's next? He's fascinated by the next wave of subscriber networks for content creators on platforms like Twitch, Patreon and Only Fans.

Dom is extremely humble, generous and gracious. An inspirational leader, who not only spotted an opportunity, but built an entire community of content creators that has paved the way for social media influencers ever since.

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