Tackling burnout with Jayne Morris - author of Burnout to Brilliance

Coach Class

28-03-2023 • 28 mins

Jayne is a coach, author and burnout retreat organiser and host. She is also the author of Burnout to Brilliance and the Co-Founder of Balanceology, specialising in the prevention and recovery of workplace burnout.

With 15 years experience specialising in burnout prevention, recovery and culture change consultancy, Jayne is a fellow recovering burnee (is that a word?).

She experienced burn out herself while working at a major UK corporation - the BBC. Since launching her practice in London’s Harley Street, she's helped hundreds of individuals recover from burnout and numerous organisations prevent absenteeism due to chronic stress.

She's lived and worked in Belgium, Germany, Japan, Spain and the UAE.  But now lives in Bristol near the sea which allows her to host 121 and team sessions, bringing nature into her restorative work with clients.

​Jayne has helped numerous organisations prevent burnout absenteeism, presenteeism and leavism.

She also supports businesses looking to transition from their existing hierarchal management structure to more sociocratic system using the adoption of models such as Holacracy, Teal and Sociocracy.

In this podcast we compare notes on burning out early in our careers and what has brought us both to coaching.

It really felt like a meeting of minds, so much so that our conversation has continued since, with me taking to poetry of all things...

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