In conversation with Joy Cosgrove - fellow Barefoot graduate

Coach Class

12-02-2023 • 30 mins

Joy Cosgrove a retail training consultant and coach. Based in Ireland Joy started off studying psychology, mentored by Dr Sharon Lambert - then did her PhD in Edinburgh before ending up in retail for major brands like Harrods and Selfridges.

Sharon encouraged Joy to stop, listen and question - which led her to an addiction to coaching and opened so many doors. She is so thankful for that moment.

Since graduating from Barefoot, Joy offers both personal coaching and group training. She has a couple of clients interested in divorce coaching, and people approaching retirement.

She studied labels back in 2007 before the explosion of neurodiversity awareness - something that I have taken more notice of recently.

In this podcast we reflect on the labels that people are given or they give themselves. And how we interact with them, how they can limit us, how we wear them.

Joy is an extremely generous human which comes out in spades in this conversation.

I reflect on when someone asked me at a meeting 'who are you?', rather than 'what do you do?'. it made me really think about we short-hand label ourselves with the things that we earn a living from.

Joy thinks about how our value set emerges when you hear that question. Who are you? It cracks all of your brain open.

Which brings us round to discussing the essays we need to write for the PD Cert in coaching at Chester Uni. Who are you as a coach?

Listen to find out who we are...

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