Chef Neil Nugent, food innovator extraordinaire: "Be nice to people..."

Coach Class

06-10-2023 • 18 mins

Neil Nugent is a professional chef and food innovation expert, having left school at 16 and worked his way up through professional kitchens in his home town, then London, then across the world.

He then entered the retail sector, innovating new food ranges at Asda, then Waitrose, Morrisons and Iceland.

He now develops his own range of food  - Panku - that is sold in many of the major grocery retailers. He also works alongside Gino D'Acampo personally selecting food ingredients from Italy.

Neil is passionate about food, but also reflective on the skills and experience he's had throughout his career and how it has stood him in good stead.

Working hard, working through adversity, but always seeking to have fun and be kind to people.

"Have a bit of fun and be kind, don't get angry or fall out with people, give everybody a chance and it will all come back to you in the end."

Asda taught him a lot about how to manage people, and how to manage himself.

Since then his career has twisted and turned through a variety of retailers, and enabled him to build his own successful business, which keeps him occupied and inspired. He loves food as much today as he always had.

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