Interview with Tony Paladinetti, Senior Director, International Strategy at Walmart

Coach Class

26-09-2022 • 25 mins

After a little break from doing this podcast, I thought I'd change tack and start a new 'season' of episodes by speaking to someone I've had the pleasure of actually coaching.

I find the process of interviewing people an opportunity to reflect and learn about the benefits of coaching people, not just for them but for me as a coach.

Tony lives in Bentonville in NW Arkansas, so all of our sessions together were conducted over Zoom. I remember our first encounter clearly as I'd just received some upsetting news via email literally one minute before our meeting began.

It was a really important lesson in how to be ready to coach, how to give someone your undivided attention and to be prepared, not just in terms of having the skills required, but also being in the right frame of mind.

I'm pleased to say the session went well and was followed by five other meetings one of which we conducted on the phone as he walked through nature. Metaphor became an important part of our coaching sessions, as a means to unlock deeper thinking.

Six months on, and Tony is still applying a lot of the good thinking he did during our time together.

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