GSMC Baseball Podcast Episode 709: Tim Anderson & 01-02 Anaheim Angels

GSMC Baseball Podcast

23-05-2022 • 1 hr 23 mins

Paddy opens today's show by going over the standing. Paddy works from the American to the National League telling everyone how well, and how poor, some teams have been playing. Then Paddy discusses Josh Donaldson's comments from over the weekend. While coming off the field Tim Anderson was said something by Josh Donaldson that he found "disrespectful". Following that Paddy goes over one of every team that could if they could get rid of a contract they would. Teams like the Guardians may need to trade one-year rentals like Austin Hedges, while teams like the Cubs need to get rid of Jayson Hayward's contract. Then to end today's show Paddy discusses the 2001-02 Anaheim Angels that went from 75 wins to World Series Champions. If you enjoyed this episode, follow us and subscribe to the show: you can find us on iTunes or on any app that carries podcasts as well as on YouTube. Please remember to subscribe and give us a nice review. That way you will always be among the first to get the latest GSMC Baseball Podcasts. We would like to thank our Sponsor: Peloton Advertise with US: Website: Apple Podcasts: GSMC YouTube Channel: Twitter: Facebook: Disclaimer: The views expressed on the GSMC Baseball Podcast are for entertainment purposes only. Reproduction, copying or redistribution of The GSMC Baseball Podcast without the express written consent of Golden State Media Concepts LLC is prohibited.