Feast, Floats, and Family: Thanksgiving Joy with Noah, Marin, and Cole

World According To Noah

26-11-2023 • 34 mins

Welcome, dear listeners, to a heartwarming Thanksgiving episode of "World According to Noah"! Today, we're not just feasting on turkey and pumpkin pie; we have some special guests at our table—Noah's cousins, Marin and Cole! As we gather around the virtual table, we're diving into the delightful chaos and cherished moments of Thanksgiving. From the aroma of a perfectly cooked turkey to the laughter that fills the room, we're sharing our favorite traditions and maybe a mishap or two. But the real star of the show? The iconic Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade! Join us as we reminisce about the joyous spectacle of giant balloons, enchanting floats, and the magic of the holiday season. With Noah, Marin, and Cole adding their unique perspectives, this episode promises to be a delightful blend of family, tradition, and the festive spirit of the Macy's Parade. So, whether you're preparing your own Thanksgiving feast or simply savoring the warmth of the season, join us for a podcast celebration filled with gratitude, joy, and the company of loved ones. Welcome to the Thanksgiving table at "World According to Noah"!