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Will Be Wild is a new 8-part series about the forces that led to the January 6th insurrection and what comes next. Through in-depth stories from a wide range of characters – from people who tried to stop the attack to those who took part – hosts Andrea Bernstein and Ilya Marritz explore the ongoing effort to bring autocracy to America, the lasting damage that effort is doing to our democracy, and the fate of our attempts to combat those anti-democratic forces. Because January 6th wasn't the end of the story, January 6th was just a practice run.

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Our Editor's Take

Will Be Wild is a podcast that attempts to understand the events and forces that led up to January 6, 2021. This is a date that will undoubtedly go down in American history. On that day, insurrectionists attempted to erode democracy. They would storm the US Capitol to stop Vice President Mike Pence from certifying the election. The day will forever remain a shameful stain on US history. More importantly, though, it was an example of something that should never happen again in the United States.

Will Be Wild is a podcast that attempts to understand the events and forces that led up to that day. It tries to figure out what will happen next and what lessons came from that day.

Andrea Bernstein and Ilya Marritz host the show. They are both veteran podcasters who bring experience to their roles in spades. Their previous series, Trump Inc., won several awards.

One of the essential things about Will Be Wild is its attempt to examine all facets of the event. The hosts interview people who were rioting, and those who wanted to stop them. They're not so interested in taking sides. Rather, they are very much interested in ensuring that it never happens again.

As time has passed, it has become clear that the events of that day threatened democracy. It is important that, as a country, the United States takes every step to prevent it from happening again. Will Be Wild pulls the curtain on the very fate of democracy and how to protect it going forward.

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