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Adrian Meza

The Blue Lab Pro Podcast is all about pop-culture and those inspired by it. Join host and introverted digital geek Adrian Meza (@bluelabpro) as he searches for and interviews pop-cult pros from all over, chatting with them to find out what inspires them to create and share great things. Pop Cult AF. read less
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0: Welcome to the Blue Lab Pro Podcast
0: Welcome to the Blue Lab Pro Podcast
Welcome to the Blue Lab Pro Podcast and why should you care? This is a podcast where I, Adrian Meza, aka, The Blue Lab Pro, chats with Pop Culture Pros from all over. So why do I think I’m qualified to run a podcast worthy of your time, and what do I mean by Pop Culture Pro? I’ve been a digital content creator for about 10 years now, working at my local university as an Instructional Technologist helping faculty create all sorts of content for their classes, including videos, animations and podcasts. I’ve learned a lot in those 10 years about creating engaging and meaningful content, and have also run other pop culture centric podcasts with friends in the past, so this just seems like a good next step. But now that you know a little about me, what is a Pop Culture Pro? For me, a Pop Culture Pro is anyone inspired by pop culture to create. My goal with this new podcast is to interview people who are creating or doing really cool stuff inspired by the pop culture we all know and love. The way I see, if some movie, show, book, comic, etc, inspires you to do something cool, you’re a Pop Culture Pro and I want to talk to you. So if you think this podcast is right up your alley, please have a listen – episode 1 is already out – and let me know what you think by reviewing the show on Apple Podcasts or whatever platform you’re listening on. Better yet, if you’re doing something cool inspired by pop culture, please reach out on or on Instagram @bluelabpro, and we’ll talk about recording a conversation! This wont be a weekly podcast, but I will be posting several throughout the coming months. Please have a listen and let me know. Thanks!