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03-08-2021 • 11 mins

In Season 4,  I help raise your frequency into relaxation and conscious connection to the world of Animal Spirit Guides.  Each animal holds different qualities available to us as we connect to them in our imagination through guided visualization and sink ‘Into The Dreamtime’

We can call on Whale when our life feels chaotic and overwhelming and we need to find peace and calmness in the midst chaos and when we feel caught in a pool of difficult emotions and  need to “come up for some air”  This particularly applies to us in these challenging times and in this episode you can find calmness under the Ocean with your Whale guide.

Gay Taaffe has led Sacred Circles of Self Empowerment & Raising Consciousness In Barbados, Caribbean for 12 years.  She is a Shamanic Teacher, Gongmaster & Sound Healer working as much as possible out in the wildness of Nature – Loving Mother Earth and her Elements.

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