500 Rep Challenge

Flex on Friday - Fitness Podcast

26-11-2021 • 1 min

Hello Friday Flexors!!!

This is Amanda back at you with a fun and exciting workout for you.

Today's workout is a 500 Rep Challenge. You will complete 50 reps each of the following moves and complete them in order:

(Take short breaks as you need them but try to complete the workout as quickly as you can)

Jumping Jacks
Dumbbell Rows
Sit Ups
Leg Lifts
Dumbbell Curl and Press
Tricep Extension
Lateral Hops

Let me know what you think about the workout.
Email me at weflexonfriday@gmail.om or find me on IG at flex.on.friday

Until Next Week, Keep Flexing

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Until Next Time... Keep Flexing!

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