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Known for her wit and candor, lifestyle personality and digital creator Tinx brings the voice that made her an overnight sensation celebrated by millions to It’s Me, Tinx. From her satirical takes on pop culture to her sought after recommendations and expert advice, It’s Me, Tinx dives into all of the hot topics and burning questions you want to hear from the social media phenom, all while sharing an intimate glimpse into Tinx’s life. Grab yourself a Tinky Tequila and tune in, it’s going to be a wild ride! New episodes are available every Monday and Friday, with a live call in radio show every Wednesday at 8am PT / 11am ET on Radio Andy, channel 102. read less

Our Editor's Take

It's Me, Tinx is quirky, relatable, and fun. It's a fun companion for those not quite in the mood for company but would also rather not be alone. Tinx's podcast is a quick and easy way to get all caught up with pop culture and whatever's trending on social media. And for half an hour, listeners can immerse in anecdotes from Tinx's personal life. She'll even punctuate it with a movie reference or two for good measure.

Tinx is Christina Najjar, an American influencer phenomenon. She was born in Washington, D.C., but grew up in London. She also used to live in San Francisco and New York but now calls Los Angeles home. Tinx is a professional digital creator and social media personality. She is also known as "TikTok's big sister." She got famous after making videos during the pandemic. The tiny microphone she used for them has become her trademark. And she's great at making her fans feel heard. Those listening to her for the first time are drawn to her friendly warmth. She could be a close friend to go to for dating advice and invite over to family Thanksgiving.

Does someone need breakup advice? A dissection of the latest Kardashian drama? Whichever it is, Tinx and friends are there to give their perspectives. Tinx, with her rich, global outlook, shows how to keep the conversation going.

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