Inclusion Statement

Practical Purpose

22-04-2022 • 2 mins

My goal is to ensure that my podcast, my online presence, feels like an inclusive space for all. My clients come from diverse backgrounds, with diverse experiences. As a trauma-informed coach, I never want to pressure any of my clients to speak about their stories publicly before they're ready (if they are ever ready to do so.) They deserve the right to process what they learn, making these big life changes in a way that feels safe and comforting for them. For many, safety means privacy. Or at least, privacy for now. So, keep in mind, those who felt like it was a YES to be interviewed this season, happen to all identify as women. But I do not work solely with individuals who identify as women. My clients are of all ages, gender identities, race, etc. My client's stories are each beautiful, unique, and most importantly, theirs. The stories I will be sharing still represent themes that feel very universal. My hope is that we can see the similarities and that their wisdom and insights offer you support on your own journey. --- Support this podcast:

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