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The COFA podcast is a five-part series that explores community organising with migrants across four European national contexts: Croatia, Italy, Slovenia and the UK. Episode 1 addresses the question: ‘What is community organising?’ Each of the following episodes features local and migrant community organisers in Croatia, Italy, Slovenia and the UK discussing their experiences, challenges and the change they are making. Join us to learn how migrant communities are organising in Europe.


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Giolli Cooperative, Italy

Zavod BOB, Slovenia

POKAZ, Croatia

English for Action, UK

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Organising Stories from Croatia
Organising Stories from Croatia
In this episode of the "Community Organising for All Podcast," we explore the dynamic landscape of community organising in Croatia. Our guests, each with their unique experiences, come from diverse backgrounds and share their remarkable journeys of bringing people together to address local issues. Sunil Bam is a driving force behind the formation of a Nepali organisation in Croatia. He has been a catalyst in connecting his community with unions, media, and other organisations, and he sheds light on the challenges of language barriers and worker issues. Chandrelle Salamiat's story is one of resilience. She faced the daunting challenge of navigating the Croatian bureaucracy and the intricacies of the language - her determination led to the establishment of a new organisation. Representing the Roma community in Croatia, Rosa Oršuš's journey focuses on the struggles of Roma youth in the education system. She created a forum theatre performance to address the specific barriers faced by Roma girls, and she emphasizes the importance of building alliances for the community's advancement. All of the stories focus on challenges, successes and paths we need to forge while moving forward. The individual stories are connected by Dinko Kreho’s political and historical analysis of community organising in Croatia.Jingle created and edited by: Sašo PuckovskiTranscript – also available in Italian, Croatian and Slovene Hosted on Acast. See for more information.