Claudia Jordan Weighs In on Deal or No Deal Island S1; Talks Celebrity Apprentice, Donald Trump

Jack Vita Show

10-05-2024 • 1 hr 3 mins

This week on Deal or No Deal Island Insiders, Miranda Rose Harrison and Jack Vita are joined by reality television icon and former Deal or No Deal model Claudia Jordan for a very fun conversation on the Jack Vita Show!

Over the years, Claudia has appeared in dozens of shows and movies, including Deal or No Deal, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, The Celebrity Apprentice and most recently, Deal or No Deal Island. Claudia got to face the banker and play Deal or No Deal for the first time, in episode 3. Unfortunately for Claudia, she secured a bad deal, and was eliminated much earlier than expected. We get Claudia's thoughts on the season and how everything has played out since she was eliminated.

Claudia discusses differences she's noticed between the original Deal or No Deal show, and the franchise's new installment, Deal or No Deal Island. Is there anything that surprised Claudia about the experience or the way that contestants have played? She also spills the tea on her elimination. What led to her decision to volunteer her case, for Stephanie to steal? Claudia shares a secret about that day. Claudia and Miranda reflect on stories from their time on DONDI together.

Later, Claudia reflects on her reality television and entertainment career. She talks about what it was like competing on The Celebrity Apprentice and how she used to have a good friendship with former US President Donald Trump. Claudia tells stories from before Trump's presidency and what led to their falling out.

You can follow Claudia on Twitter (@claudiajordan) and Instagram (@claudiajordan). You can follow Miranda on Twitter (@ItsMirandaRose) and Instagram (@mirandaroseharrison).