Deal or No Deal Island S1 E8 "Are You Meticulous?" Recap with Survivor: Guatemala's Brooke Struck

Jack Vita Show

17-04-2024 • 57 mins

Survivor: Guatemala contestant Brooke Struck and Jack Vita are back to recap the latest episode of Deal or No Deal Island, Episode 8, "Are You Meticulous?", right here on the Jack Vita Show!

Each week, Brooke and Jack will recap the latest episode of Deal or No Deal Island. Jack will also sit down for a 15-minute exit interview with the most recent contestant eliminated from Deal or No Deal Island. And later this week, S1 contestant Miranda Rose Harrison will return to the podcast for Deal or No Deal Insiders, featuring special guest and fellow S1 contestant Dawson Addis.


Jack spoke with Dawson on Tuesday, in his exit interview. Dawson discussed his time on the show, why he accepted the personal offer from the banker and chose to self-eliminate, and much more! Later in the week, he will have more to say when he joins Jack and Miranda on Deal or No Deal Island Insiders!

Episode 8 opens with the group returning to camp and Aron still upset over the elimination of Alyssa. Aron joins the Night Owls at a table, and Amy makes a comment about how she did not appreciate Aron telling her to shut up at the temple. Aron snaps and walks away, before Jordan and Boston Rob come to calm him down. Even after a pep talk from Rob, Aron does not appear to be himself throughout the episode. At the excursion, he doesn't seem to be competing with the same fire he had shown through the show's first seven episodes. He does not complete the excursion and is unable to earn safety. With Rob immune, Aron is next on the Night Owls' hitlist. Rob encourages Aron to volunteer to go into the elimination. Aron's initial reaction is to say that he doesn't want to speak to the Night Owls. However, he does eventually pitch himself to Nick. Nick decides to go in a different direction, though, selecting Dawson, with Aron as their clear target.

Earlier, Nick won his second straight excursion, giving him the power to pick which contestant will face the banker at the temple. Boston Rob, Jordan and Stephanie all win safety too, leaving Aron, Amy and Dawson on the chopping block.

Dawson is chosen by Nick to face the banker. With only three cases remaining, he is offered a $1,399,000 offer and a $100,000 personal offer, but it comes with a catch: by accepting the offer, he will be eliminated from the show. With less than three minutes to make a potential, life-altering decision, Dawson opts to accept the offer, becoming the seventh contestant eliminated from contention.

Brooke and Jack break it all down, sharing their thoughts on the episode!