Amy McCoy Dishes on Villain Edit, Social Media Hate | Deal or No Deal Island E9: "Are You Ruthless?"

Jack Vita Show

25-04-2024 • 1 hr 10 mins

This week on Deal or No Deal Islander Insiders, Final 5 contestant Amy McCoy joins Miranda Rose Harrison and Jack Vita for a lively discussion on the Jack Vita Show!

Amy, a native of Oklahoma City, is only two episodes away from reaching the finale. As one of the five remaining contestants, Amy has a legitimate shot at winning Deal or No Deal Island. However, her game has taken a hit over the last two weeks, as she has had to bid farewell to two members of her Night Owls alliance. Now, only she and Stephanie Mitchell remain as they attempt to eliminate Aron Barbell and Survivor: Redemption Island winner Boston Rob Mariano, with Jordan Fowler playing the middle.

We get Amy's thoughts on the latest episode, E9 "Are You Ruthless?", where Nick Grasso accepted a bad deal and was eliminated from the show. Amy shares some thoughts on her edit and how she is being portrayed by the show, and also how the fans are reacting to her presence on Deal or No Deal Island. Amy and Stephanie have received quite a bit of hate mail. Amy and Miranda discuss. Amy also adds context to her conversation with Aron from last week, which has been highly scrutinized by fans.

Amy and Miranda give an inside look to the Deal or No Deal Island living conditions and production. They also discuss memories from sharing a tent together, and an important from an early excursion that didn't make the air. All this, and so much more, as they discuss Amy's gameplay and strategy! Tune in for an inside look at the latest episode of Deal or No Deal Island!

You can follow Amy on Twitter (@OKCAmy_McCoy) and Instagram (@okcamy_mccoy). You can follow Miranda on Twitter (@ItsMirandaRose) and Instagram (@mirandaroseharrison).