Deal or No Deal Island E9 Exit Interview: How a Peculiar Dream Ended Nick Grasso's Time on DONDI

Jack Vita Show

24-04-2024 • 20 mins

This week, Nick Grasso became the eighth contestant eliminated from NBC's new hit reality competition show, Deal or No Deal Island. As part of our Deal or No Deal Island coverage, Nick visits the Jack Vita Show for his exit interview.

Nick had his number called upon Monday night, as he was selected by Jordan and Amy to face the banker. He was the only remaining member of the Night Owl alliance that had not yet played Deal or No Deal. Nick and the Night Owls had a plan. They would keep Rob and Aron in the middle, ensuring that their alliance would have complete control of who would go home. With Rob as a clear target, Nick got a chance to take his shot at the Robfather.

Nick made quick work of the board, and with only two cases remaining, received the largest offer in Deal or No Deal history: $4.417 million. He had the $4.25 million and $4.5 million cases remaining. Nick accepted the deal, and unfortunately for him, his case held $4.5 million, meaning that he made a bad deal. Nick's time on the island came to an end.

Jack speaks with Nick about his decision to accept the banker's offer, how a strange dream the night before influenced his decision, Rob and Stephanie's confrontation at the temple, Stephanie's lie to Nick, who Nick would have sent home, and much more!

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