Deal or No Deal Island E7 Exit Interview: Alyssa Klinzing Dishes on Stephanie Beef, Aron, Boston Rob

Jack Vita Show

09-04-2024 • 20 mins

This week, 2019 Miss Kansas USA title holder Alyssa Klinzing became the sixth person eliminated from NBC's new hit reality competition show, Deal or No Deal Island. As part of our Deal or No Deal Island coverage, Alyssa visits the Jack Vita Show for her exit interview.

In the first pair of episodes of Deal or No Deal Island, Alyssa was shown bonding with Kim. In the third episode, Alyssa turned on Kim, forming a plan to target her. At the excursion, Stephanie Mitchell received the option to steal any case she wanted. She refused to follow the orders of Boston Rob's alliance, and from that moment on, Stephanie became a target.

Alyssa formed a close alliance with Aron and Boston Rob Mariano. In episode 5, Aron showed that Alyssa, not Rob, was his number one ally. With Nick, Amy, Stephanie and Dawson forming the "Night Owls" alliance, it appears that Rob's group is now in the minority.

Stephanie herself has been targeting Alyssa for weeks. Alyssa was also the target in the last two eliminations. Had Miranda Rose Harrison defeated the banker in episode 5, she would have sent Alyssa home. Last week, Amy had her sights set on taking out Alyssa. However, the banker's bonus spelled no elimination in the episode, protecting Alyssa, as Amy secured a good deal and would have sent her home.

Rob has been the Night Owls' clear number one target for weeks, but the Survivor winner continues to win immunity, preserving himself from elimination. After Rob wins yet another immunity, the Night Owls go after Alyssa. As Stephanie and Amy finish in the bottom two, it becomes a sure thing that one of them will face the banker. If either one were to win, Alyssa would go home. Rob and Nick choose Stephanie, and Stephanie secures a good deal, ending Alyssa's time on the island.

Alyssa chats with Jack about her time on Deal or No Deal Island, her beef with Stephanie, her alliance with Boston Rob, her friendship with Aron, and much more!

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