Deal or No Deal Island S1 E7 "Are You Decisive?" NBC Recap with Survivor: Guatemala's Brooke Struck

Jack Vita Show

10-04-2024 • 42 mins

Survivor: Guatemala contestant Brooke Struck is back from her vacation to Puerto Rico, and ready to recap the seventh episode of NBC's new hit reality competition show, Deal or No Deal Island!

Each week, Brooke and Jack will recap the latest episode of Deal or No Deal Island. Jack will also sit down for a 15-minute exit interview with the most recent contestant eliminated from Deal or No Deal Island. And later this week, S1 contestant Miranda Rose Harrison will return to the podcast for Deal or No Deal Insiders, featuring special guest and fellow S1 contestant Stephanie Mitchell.

Jack spoke with Alyssa Kinzing on Tuesday in her exit interview. Alyssa discussed her time on the show and detailed her beef with Stephanie. Later this week, Stephanie will tell her side of the story.

The friction between Stephanie and Alyssa is a focal point of episode 7. Thanks to the banker's bonus twist at the end of episode 6, Alyssa avoided elimination last week. In episode 5, Miranda had planned to eliminate Alyssa had she defeated the banker. However, Miranda accepted a personal offer, receiving $40,000 from the banker. She took a bad deal, and was eliminated. In episode 7, Alyssa ran out of lives.

Stephanie and Amy finished in the bottom two at the excursion, while Boston Rob and Nick won immunity. Amy and Stephanie both wanted to play Deal or No Deal and select the next person to go home. Stephanie is chosen, and she secures a good deal. She promptly sends Alyssa packing, but not without any drama.

Stephanie is fired up, and even after Alyssa leaves, continues to rant, with other members of the cast chiming in. Aron has a panic attack and walks off the set, with the episode ending on a cliffhanger.

Earlier in the episode, Alyssa threw Aron under the bus to Rob, claiming that Aron was targeting him. It was a lie, and Rob was able to determine that Alyssa was lying.

Brooke and Jack break it all down, sharing their thoughts on a very dramatic episode!