Black Women Who Dream

Rev. Christina Dennis

Who told you it was too late to dream? Do you ever think there’s got to be more to life? Then this podcast is for you! The Black Women Who Dream podcast is for Christian women of faith who are seeking more from our God who can do the impossible. Hosted by Rev. Christina Dennis, a preacher, wife, mom, entrepreneur, tech junkie, and a good sistah-girlfriend, who is determined to help women break out of the mundane and SOAR! Join Rev. Christina every week in this sacred space, where authentic, transparent, and powerful conversations are had regarding all aspects of life from trauma to healing, self-care, mental wellness, health, finances, bible studies, and everything else that might be blocking your ability to dream. You'll meet phenomenal women who have captured their dreams and broken the limitations placed upon them by society, past trauma, doubt, and fear. So Sis, grab a seat, relax, lean in, and let’s be Black Women Who Dream! read less
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