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S7E16 Galatians Intro and Chapter 1
S7E16 Galatians Intro and Chapter 1
Dr. Brian Chilton and Curtis Evelo begin the Winter Bible Study series on Galatians by looking at the introductory material and Chapter 1. The following is the outline to the presentation. The Affirmations of Paul (Chapter One)   I.      The Affirmation of Paul’s Greeting (1:1–5) a.     Greeted Saints in Galatia (1:2) b.     Greeted from Christ in Glory (1:3–5)                          i.     Christ died to save us (1:3–4a)      ii.     Christ desires to sanctify us (1:4b–5) II.     The Affirmation of Paul’s Grief (1:6–10) a.     Grieves the Galatians’ Consistency (1:6–7) b.     Grieves the Apostles’ Curse (1:8–10) III.    The Affirmation of Paul’s Call (1:1, 11–24) a.     The Revelation of His Calling (1:1; 1:11–12)                                  i.     Not of humanity’s logic (1:1, 11)                                            ii.     Not from humanity’s lore (1:12) b.     The Previous Commitments of Paul (1:13–14)                                  i.     Fueled by cruelty toward Christians (1:13)                       ii.     Empowered by commitment to Jewish Customs (1:14) c.      The Present Commission of Paul (1:15–24)                                 i.     Commissioned as God chose him from the foundation of the world (1:15–16)       ii.     Commissioned to travel from Arabia to Damascus (1:17)    iii.     Commissioned from Damascus to Jerusalem (1:18–20)—met with Peter and James for at least 15 days. It was here that Paul acquired the early creeds, hymns, and confessions that he publishes in his writings. iv.     Commissioned to travel from Jerusalem to Syria and Cilicia (1:21–24) To see more from Bellator Christi Ministries, go to (c) 2024. Bellator Christi.