Ep 58 Save Your Marriage with Todd & Allison Kuslikis

Strong By Design Podcast

15-05-2019 • 57 mins

Todd & Allison had it all but overtime things slowly took a turn for the worse... and it left them on the edge of divorce, nearly shutting down their multi-million dollar business. But that all changed after God intervened.

Tune in to this Strong By Design episode as co-host Brian Klepacki sat down with Todd & Allison Kuslikis in San Diego and talked about all things from muscle building to marriage healing.

The pair are now teachers at the School of Kingdom Coaching helping others realign their marriages so husbands and wives can experience the more abundant life as Jesus promised in John 10:10b.

They also equip other Christians to be used by the Holy Spirit to bring freedom and transformation to people’s lives. Todd and Allison have been married for 7 ½ years and live with their four children in Grand Rapids, MI.

"I think the reason people are blind to these issues is they just don't know about them, they're intertwined with the world and they're seeking after things of the world but Jesus says to set your mind on things above.."

"..A lot of things in their past are now dictating their future, things that they're struggling with, it's really a process of uncovering, it's like digging deeper and deeper, instead of addressing just the superficial things.."

Todd Kuslikis

Time Stamps

0:57 How to pronounce Todd & Allison's last name (pronounced Kush-lik-is)

1:20 A prayer to invite God's presence into this podcast episode

2:06 Todd & Allison Kuslikis open up about who they are

5:03 Todd kicking butt at work while Allison is home dying inside

6:15 A break through moment for Todd and for Allison

10:00 A Shot of Adrenaline and a new approach

13:56 How things shift from fitness to faith and marriage

18:30 Addressing the DEEP issues of the heart

21:30 Deep seeded childhood wounds

24:55 The wounds that are the toughest to overcome

30:15 Where to start dealing with these issues - how are you thinking?

34:25 Growing out of your old wounds... is it possible?

36:00 Uncovered wounds effect on the leader of the home

40:30 The primary goal of a Wife and Mom under Christ

44:00 The Spiritual leader takes a pulse of his home life

48:00 The school of Kingdom Coaching

53:30 Connecting with Todd & Allison

54:00 What next?  If someone wants to work on their marriage, how can they begin to transform and save their marriage

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