TGCI 227: Ex Google & FB on a mission to streamline commercial real estate finance

The Gold Collar Investor

03-04-2023 • 37 mins

In this episode, Pancham interviews Tim Milazzo, co-founder and CEO of StackSource. He identified the market opportunity for a tech-enabled commercial real estate financing platform.

Before StackSource, Tim worked for tech giants Facebook and Google to help expand online advertising.

He comes from a family with a history in real estate. Listen and let's know more about Tim on our podcast!

Listen and enjoy the show!


"There are risks associated with trying new opportunities, but you will regret not doing it."

Timestamped Show notes:

  • 0:35 - Pancham introduces Tim Milazzo to the show
  • 2:08 - How he started in StackSource, and his journey before this
  • 5:35 - What StackSource is all about
  • 10:46 - Tim's hard decision to leave the tech giants he worked with
  • 14:20 - Competitors of StackSource in tech-enabled real estate
  • 20:44 - Debt funds are taking more market share than banks now
  • 24:16 - Pricing for StackSource services
  • 30:50 - First time Tim invested outside of Wall Street
  • 31:55 - Fears he had to overcome in his first deal
  • 34:32 - His advice for people starting their investing journey
  • 35:59 - How can you connect with Tim

3 Key Points:

  1. The market has shifted, capital is getting more expensive, and the interest rate has been rising for the last year.
  2. Lenders are getting more cautious when they want less exposure to certain asset types.
  3. Debt funds, defined as private lending vehicles, take more market share than banks nowadays.

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