Love By Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Literature & Life

27-07-2022 • 8 mins

Introduction One of Coleridge's most exquisite and captivating poems is "Love." The poem "Love" is an excerpt from Genevieve's tale, "Tale of the Dark Ladie." The poet created the fictional Genevieve in this poem, whom he admired. In the year 1800, Coleridge relocated to the Lake District. As his marriage broke down, he fell deeply in love with Sara Hutchinson, who would later become Wordsworth’s sister-in-law. This is covered in "Love" and other Asra poems. His opium use developed into an addiction that caused him significant harm. The poet expresses his love for Genevieve in this poem, but she rejects him. It is a creation of the poet's imagination. She has tender, gentle feelings about what transpired. The poet does a good job of accurately and in-depth describing them. This poem demonstrates many of Coleridge's poetry's best qualities. The poet does a fantastic job at describing the surrounding environment. The poem contains some powerful and intriguing words and images.

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