2021-05-11 The Watt from Pedro Show

The Watt From Pedro Show

11-05-2021 • 3 hrs

hour one: "out of this world" john coltrane "the hanging of pangloss" victoria shen "deafening" victoria shen "something found" slw cc watt "coming ashore" bomis prendin "searching for the source of the derwent" sophie sparham and christopher gregory "waxwing" street eaters "current affair" evicshen hour two: "klee doll" (excerpt 1) evicshen "call an ambience" ben salter "julius and ethel" justice yeldham "klee doll" (excerpt 2) evicshen "under the stall door" evicshen "three stars align" (live excerpt) bucolic spectre "it should be renamed" v shen x t mikawa hour three: "buchlackenspiel" (excerpt from stockholm sweden) victoria shen "jiffy cabs" manuel armida "hydra" victoria shen x beam splitter remote collaboration "blister pact" trim "the dance" (part 1) sean lennon "live cambridge 2019" tatsuya nakatani/victoria shen/forbes graham/jim hobbs