Aligning Actions with Values with Hoang Murphy

The Small Nonprofit

27-02-2024 • 43 mins

In this episode, we delve into the critical importance of aligning your nonprofit's actions with its core values. We're joined by Hoang Murphy, CEO of People Serving People, who brings a wealth of experience from his journey as a teacher, a Foster, and a leader in the nonprofit sector. Hoang shares his expertise on creating impactful solutions for those affected by inequality and emphasizes the role of lived experiences in decision-making processes.

Episode Highlights:

  • Identifying Core Values: Hoang guides us through the process of identifying the fundamental values that drive your nonprofit. He stresses the importance of narrowing down to essential values to establish a solid foundation for your organization's mission and actions.
  • Translating Values into Action: Discover how to move beyond merely talking about values to actively incorporating them into your organization's operations. Hoang shares strategies for engaging your team and the communities you serve, ensuring their voices are heard and valued.
  • Cultivating a Committed Team: Learn how to integrate your nonprofit's values into your hiring process. Hoang discusses the significance of real-life experience and cultural fit over traditional qualifications, highlighting the role of shared values in staff retention and satisfaction.
  • Fostering Genuine Funder Relationships: Hoang emphasizes the importance of building authentic relationships with funders who truly understand and support your mission. He shares his approach to fundraising that has consistently helped double their budget year after year.

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