The Nonprofit Email Strategy That Works with Sara Hoshooley

The Small Nonprofit

16-01-2024 • 44 mins

Feeling lost in the noise and chaos of social media? Let's shift our perspective and rediscover the power of emails. In today's episode of we'll explore why emails remain a timeless tool for building meaningful supporter connections. While social media can be attention-grabbing, it's through emails that genuine conversations and long-lasting bonds are nurtured.

Our guest, Sara Hoshooley is a fundraising consultant and coach with a passion for small nonprofit organizations. As a former small charity Executive Director, she understands the challenges and opportunities facing small but growing nonprofits. Her unique approach uses each organization's strengths to grow fundraising in an authentic and achievable way.

Key Episode Highlights:

  • Acquire Donors Through Email: Unlike the fast-paced world of social media, emails offer a cozy space for meaningful conversations with your supporters. Learn why having a strategy to grow your email list is essential.
  • Growing Your List: Provide valuable resources like checklists or guides in exchange for email sign-ups. Sara explains how this  exchange can kickstart trusting relationships with supporters.
  • The Strength of Recurring Donations: Small, monthly gifts can have a big impact. Sara reveals how starting these campaigns can provide steady fuel for your nonprofit's growth.
  • Building a Community, Not Just Numbers: Email collection isn't just about quantity. It's about nurturing a community of supporters aligned with your mission. Each email is an opportunity to strengthen this connection. Use clear, simple communication.
  • Email Etiquette - Respect Boundaries and Laws: Sara discusses the importance of complying with local and national regulations. It's all about understanding what is consent and ensuring recipients are happy to hear from you.

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