Episode #10: Trauma Informed Reiki Practices

Triggers & Spiritual Medicine

26-07-2022 • 1 hr 12 mins

Welcome to Episode 10 of Triggers and Spiritual Medicine podcast with host, Laura Bonetzky-Joseph and Trauma Informed Reiki Teacher, Michaela Daystar

TOPIC: Trauma Informed Reiki

Struggling with what is reiki or how to find a trauma informed reiki practitioner or teacher?  Want to know how to become a trauma informed reiki practitioner or teacher?

You are not going to want to miss this very deep conversational episode where we share our combined experiences and unintentional harms that can be avoided. In the end, we will share 3 things you can do to become a more trauma informed. - or those who receive reiki & for those who practice or teach reiki.

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ABOUT Michaela Daystar:

Michaela Daystar founded HeartScapes after 11 years of helping university students increase their capacity for social justice. At the intersection of self-reflection, spiritual practice, and social action, she teaches the system of Reiki as a pathway to understanding, healing, and expressing our true self, and adapts trauma-informed principles for Reiki practitioners. Michaela continues her studies of Reiki with the International House of Reiki and holds a master’s degree in Social Justice Leadership.

1) The Wisdom of Trauma by Dr. Gabor Mate: https://thewisdomoftrauma.com

2) How The Burning Times of Witches Influence White Women Culture Today https://youtu.be/8EtUM-rjrfE

3) LinkTREE links for website, resources, social media, books, and more. https://linktr.ee/HealingWithSpirit

4) Reiki Can Do No Harm or Can It? https://laurahealingwithspirit.com/reiki-can-do-no-harm-or-can-it/

5) #TimesUp Reiki: https://laurahealingwithspirit.com/timesup-healers-reiki-practitioners-plus-12-tips-on-finding-a-qualified-reiki-practitioner/

6) 12 Tips and 10 Questions to Ask a Reiki Practitioner and/or Teacher When Healing Trauma https://laurahealingwithspirit.c


Real talk. Let's address the elephant in the room to the growing "sickness" in our society, address root issues and provide sustainable solutions.

We hope by addressing the intersectionality and connect the dots like a web of many of society’s challenges, we can help others understand the trauma infection that impacts all areas of life – addiction, domestic violence, racism, homelessness, sexual abuse, chronic health issues, cancer, environmental issues, climate change and more.

In this NEW collaborative program, we hope by highlighting these infected areas and what they share in common, a new perspective of solutions, healing, and resolutions can be birthed.

Each episode addresses a certain trigger while offering the spiritual medicine with at least 3 tips or actionable steps our listeners can take and implement.

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