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Need free support in business planning, cash flow & more? Alex Till on how NEN helps SMEs | S1 EP1
Need free support in business planning, cash flow & more? Alex Till on how NEN helps SMEs | S1 EP1
Welcome to the first ever episode of the Go Far Fast Show... the small business talk show that gets you places fast! In this video, hear from Alex Till, Chairman of the National Enterprise Network, on how you can get (sometimes free and locally available!) support and advice around getting started in making your business idea a successful, supported business... with support around business planning, cash flow forecasting and lots more. Take a look at how you can get support from the National Enterprise Network here: https://www.nationalenterprisenetwork... 22:44 – Are the government taking what’s happening with small businesses seriously? It doesn’t always feel like that to the small business on the street.. 26:24 - My business is struggling and I’m feeling like giving up. I’m gutted, but I’m exhausted, and it feels like there is no end in sight. Do you have any advice for me? Can you offer any glimmers of hope? 29:40 - I’ve been a freelancer, running my business as a limited company for years. I pay my taxes and I’ve always been really responsible about running my business. But I’d have been better off working for someone else or being a sole trader under the government’s relief schemes. Do you think what’s happening to the #ForgottenLtd businesses is fair? 32:33 - I’m hearing that help (money and support) in some regions is better than others. Is this true – and should I move my business to get a better deal? I really need help. 32:33 - I feel like nobody is really listening or really committed to helping small businesses and we don’t seem to have a real voice. People who say they represent us put a ‘spin’ on what we tell them and they never seem to report back what they’re doing and what that means for us. What’s NEN doing to help? 35:24 - How is NEN helping people with landlords – or can you help us with that? Paying rent is a big expense for most small businesses and my business is no different. My landlord is chasing me for rent that I just can’t afford to pay right now 38:20 - What’s the benefit of being a member of NEN? Why should I join up and what will it give me that other trade associations don’t? Massive thank you to National Enterprise Nation for sponsoring the Go Far Fast Show – we're super proud to be supported by such a vital part of the business community. And, of course, sending a virtual fist bump to our awesome accounting extraordinaire, Aaron at Boffix, for being such a fun co-host! See you in the next podcast!